Making Your Vision a Reality

I have always been intrigued with new and innovative software that solves a problem. I came across the software platform I use while perusing a long list of upcoming online launches. This one, VideoTours360, spoke to me. Never before had I come across such a useful tool for showing off a  brick and mortar establishment online. Let me tell you of its benefits to you.

The platform starts by allowing me to upload 360 photos that can revolve. That's standard, right? But it's so much more than that. You can add hotspots on the photos which can link to another scene, display text, or text with a photo, or a video, or a URL to another website entirely.

Not only that, but you can use this tool as an e-commerce store also. A hotspot can display a product with details, choices, amounts and price and an order form.

In this age of multiculturalism, many people are bilingual or non-English speakers. The tour platform allows people to select the language of their choice and all hotspot text is immediately converted to the chosen language.

It also offers a gamification option. This means the hotspot can be set up so that it offers some kind of incentive; e.g. a voucher or discount, but in order to get the reward, the visitor must click on a specific number of other hotspots, thereby keeping them on the site longer.


There is Artificial Intelligence built right in, too. The A.I. monitors where people linger/view the most and display that area first to any following visitors